Dincert (dinner + concert) started in Oakland, CA in 2017 with the express purpose of supporting non-profits that (a) provide direct services to members of our communities; and (b) do not have endowments or institutional giving channels.

We hold and help others host Dincerts at their homes quarterly. The hosts plan and fund each event and ask guests, in exchange, to donate as much as they can (ideally what they'd spend on a night out at a concert and dinner) directly to the non-profits we have selected to support in that Dincert installation. No middle-person that takes a portion of the donations. 

In order to sustain these events, we solicit in-kind donations or trades from musicians/artists as well as local restaurants. 

Our Mission

To sustain social impact work. We started Dincert because we believe that resistance to injustice is strengthened and emboldened by hope and community--specifically through music, art and food. We want to bring people together not just to raise awareness and money, but to remind people that our humanity is common, our struggle and joys are connected.