Past Dincerts

Refugee transitions + Oakland intl high school

In April 2017, we raised more than $2500 to support refugees that re-settled in the Bay Area. 

partnerships for trauma recovery

In October of 2017, we raised more than $3500 for a Berkeley-based non-profit that provides counseling and mental health services to survivors of human rights abuses. 

merit school of music 

In April of 2018, we raised more than $4000 for this Chicago-based non-profit that helps young people transform their lives and experience personal growth through music by removing barriers to participation.

Dolores Street Community Services + The Florence Project 

In June of 2018, we raised nearly $10,000 collectively for Dolores Street Community Services, a SF-based nonprofit that provides services to migrants that have been detained in the Bay Area, and The Florence Project, a Tucson, the only nonprofit providing services in Southern Arizona.

East Oakland Collective

In December of 2018, we raised nearly $6,000 for the East Oakland Collective. The donations received will specifically fund the organization’s SuSu Lending Circle, which aims to economically empower traditionally disenfranchised members of our community and create trust in community-based financing.