Dincert: bringing philanthropy home. 


We support social impact work. Without any strings attached.

Our mission is to raise money for non-profits that provide direct-services so that they can focus on the hard work, rather than having to navigate the waters of traditional philanthropy, funds, endowments, and giving-channels.

We do this by throwing events (which we cleverly call Dincerts (dinner+concerts)) that highlight the glory of local musicians, neighborhood restaurants, and home-made food. There is no minimum donation amount to attend. 

We started Dincert because we believe that resistance to injustice is strengthened and emboldened by hope and community--specifically through music, art and food. We want to bring people together not just to raise awareness and money, but to remind people that our humanity is common, that our struggle and joys are connected. 

Interested in throwing a Dincert? Contact us at dincertorg@gmail.com.



Learn more about our start and the organizations we have raised money for thus far. 

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Take Action

Want to donate to our current recipient organization or host a Dincert? We are happy to help you coordinate. 

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